Tuesday, August 7, 2007

About us...

Ron and I met on a blind date. Ron's cousin and wife live neighbors to a close friend of mine. They decided we should meet. We were both so busy that we didn't find a day that worked for all of us till the end of the summer (in 2001). Well needless to say, we hit it off and were engaged on April 19, 2002. We were married on August 3, 2002 -probably the hottest day of the year, or at least most people would say that!! Our church wasn't air conditioned at the time, so it was kind of miserable but a very memorable day! :)

Ron works as a shop supervisor at Lue Manufacturing, Inc. They make countertops and cabinets for residential and commercial customers. He has been there for many years. I continue to work as an elementary special education teacher. I have been at the same school now for about 14 years or so, I think. (It's hard to remember once you've been there what seems like forever!) The field of special education has made many changes over the years, so my job continues to change as well. I really enjoy the children that I work with.

Ron and I both enjoy doing home improvement types of things. The past few years we have been working on our landscaping. I suppose as home owners there is probably always something to do in the area of landscaping, but for the most part we have things the way we want them. I enjoy gardening. I have a nice little garden that Ron and my dad put in surrounded by a small picket fence (to keep out unwanted critters!).

We both enjoy movies. When we were dating we saw a lot of movies. Now that we're married it seems we don't find the time to go see many movies. I guess that's what happens.

Ron is a big White Sox fan. He enjoys collecting anything that involves the White Sox. I love anything Mary Engelbreit, which is what I've decorated the kitchen in.

I also enjoy doing things on the computer and continue to learn to do new things. I have really enjoyed putting together this site for our family and friends. I continue to learn how to add things and do new things to this site.

I really love animals and Ron wasn't a big fan when we first got married. At the time I had a cat, Tasha, who was about 13 years old. She had been with me through all of my moves and ups & downs in life after college. I loved her like my child. Ron came to like her but was unsure of her since she was old and had arthritis. I also had a guinea pig. I would've never thought I would fall in love with a rodent!! My students begged me to let them bring one of their baby guinea pigs to school to keep in our classroom as a pet. I wasn't so sure about that and told them that they had to be responsible for cleaning the cage and feeding it. So one of my students brought an all black baby guinea pig to school and they named him Domino (not quite sure where that name came from since he was all black!). Well, he won my heart and eventually I brought him home to stay. Ron wasn't so thrilled about Domino but it was a package deal when he married me. :) Well, Tasha died a couple of years ago and Domino died about a year ago. It was so sad, especially Tasha's death. But now we have Zoe (pronounced Zoey), a stray kitten that Ron found and wished he wouldn't have. Seriously though, we love Zoe and are glad to have her a part of our lives. Maybe someday we can add a dog to our family. I would love to have a small farm! Don't think that will happen if Ron has anything to say about it. But he is starting to enjoy animals a bit more. :)

We began thinking about adding (children) to our family. We weren't getting pregnant so we decided to look into adoption. Adoption has been something that I have thought about for awhile, but Ron wasn't quite so sure. I knew that if he wasn't really for adoption, that I would just take that as a sign from God that we weren't to adopt. We did our research and went to a couple of workshops. One of the workshops we went to helped Ron to become interested in adopting.

We looked into both domestic and international adoption. We decided not to go with domestic adoption due to the possibility of birth parents changing their minds about giving up their baby for adoption or wanting the baby back after we've had the baby for awhile. We also realize that there are many children in the US foster care system. I really feel for those kids but we just didn't feel like we could take on those children with all the emotional things they're dealing with. There are also many children from other countries that are without families and live in orphanages. We felt like this was the best option for us and felt led to adopt from China. Either way it's a long process and every family has to decide which option is the best for them.

So we've started the long journey....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ron and Mary,
Keeping you in our prayers and pray the wait won't be much longer. We are anxious to have Marisa in our family. Hang in there.
Dad and Mom Hochstedler