Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gifts from my secret pal

To help pass the time, I have joined several Yahoo! Groups. One group is for people with a DTC in July or August 2006. So we will probably get our referrals around the same time. One thing this group is doing for anyone that wants to participate is Secret Pals. There is a different theme for each month. It is fun getting that gift once a month. It gives us something to look forward to. It's fun sending a gift as well. I have posted pictures of the gifts we received from our secret pal.

For the month of September my Secret Pal sent some books, and she painted letters of Marisa's name. We need to hang those up in her room.
My secret pal always includes something that is Mary Engelbreit. She also wrote that when her little girl plays she likes to pretend to be "Mary Huber". I just thought that was so funny!

For October's theme, my Secret Pal surprised me with a pretty pink hooded towel, some washcloths, letters to play with in the bathtub, a pink rubber duck that tells if the bath water is too hot, and a small Mary Engelbreit photo album.

November's theme was ladybugs.
Aren't these ladybug boots just adorable?!?! I just love them and can't wait for Marisa to be able to wear them!

For December: Great bedtime gifts from my secret pal! The Mary Engelbreit book - The Night Before Christmas, and 2 music CDs.

For January: Wonderful mealtime gifts! 2 bibs and plastic disposable cups and bowls with lids, along with spoons.

For February: We received some cute little socks, hair bands, and the cutest ladybug sunglasses! Also, another Mary Engelbreit book!

For March: Some calming and fun music to listen to with Marisa. Also, some cute Mary Engelbreit note cards!

For April: A pretty picture frame, a very nice photo album to display all those photos we'll have of Marisa some day, and note cards with an M on the front for either me or Marisa to use.

For May: Nice things for traveling - wash mitts, pacifiers, ladybug keychain, toy keys, and another little photo album. We are going to have so many nice ways to display the pictures of Marisa.

For June the theme was toys. My wonderful secret pal sent a cloth purse that included toy lipstick, debit card, coin purse, mirror, cell phone. She also sent a maracca. Plus a small Mary Engelbreit photo album and stickers. :) The purse is sooooo cute! I can't wait for Marisa to be able to play with it!

July was the final month of our secret pal exchange. My secret pal sent me this beautiful Mary Engelbreit print. She also revealed herself. Her name is Rebecca from New York. I really enjoyed receiving her gifts each month. She sent such nice gifts for me and Marisa. Now I can't wait to frame this print and hang it in Marisa's room.

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