Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Wait....

Now that our dossier is in the hands of the CCAA (it was sent to China on July 14, 2006), we wait till they can get to our file to match us with a child. Once a match is made this is called a referral. The CCAA will send our referral with a group of referrals to our agency. Our agency will then contact us. The referral will contain a picture or pictures of the child, the age, and some limited health and misc. information. There could be the slight chance that even though we asked for a girl, they could match us with a boy and we would be fine with that.

Our dossier was officially logged in at the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) on August 3, 2006. We sent it over to China on July 14, 2006 and then it had to be officially logged in. The log in date is the date that we use to keep track of the progress of our paperwork and we'll be able to see when it's getting close to our turn for a referral.

1/3/07: The last referrals were made for all those people who had LID dates for September 2005 (our LID is 8/3/06). It is being reported that we could have a 15 to 16 month wait for a referral. I hope it doesn't get much longer than that. I'm hoping that soon they will have referrals for those with LID dates for October 2005. I hope they have referrals for the entire month of October but sometimes they just do referrals for a couple of weeks.

2/1/07: More referrals have come in up through about the middle of October 2005 LIDs. For our agency there were 39 referrals with 36 of those being girls and 3 boys, and there was also one set of twins.

6/6/07: There have been referrals coming in for several dates each month and I haven't been keeping up with listing them. At this point China has matched children through LIDs of Nov. 7, 2005. So as you can see there is a ways to go before they hit August 3, 2006. Now the wait is being said to be 18 months. That would mean we would have 8 more months of waiting.

Here are pictures of Marisa's room.
We found this nice crib at Babies R Us and the matching dresser. We painted the room a sage green and put up this pink border. It's hard to see but the border has cute butterflies and other cute bugs on it.

It doesn't have to be costly to decorate the room and have it look nice. The lamp shade and valance I found on clearance but they look so nice in the room. The little Chinese doll sitting on top of the dresser was handmade in China.
This piece of furniture Ron had and so we are going to use as the changing table. I still have to get the pad but think this will work nicely.

The blanket hanging on the crib is a blanket that my mom and I made. I plan to take it with us to China when we go to get Marisa. I found this very pretty red fabric and knew I wanted to make a blanket out of it for her. I also made the dust ruffle and the fitted sheet for the crib. Right now the crib has a baby quilt on it that my grandma made.

The bookshelf keeps getting more books. I love books and hope to pass the love of reading onto Marisa.

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