Saturday, September 29, 2007

We're out of review!!

We received an email from our agency on Thursday, Sept. 27 that August LID families are out of review!!! Our LID is Aug. 3, 2006. We are now in the final waiting stage of the adoption. We are now in the "pending referral" stage, but still have a lot of people ahead of us yet. So we could still be waiting for a while yet. The last referrals that came in had a 22 month wait. It's depressing to think that the wait could possibly get longer. It's so hard to understand how it could possibly get any longer! But we wait, not always so patiently, but we wait and pray for God's will in all of this. We have now been waiting for over 13 months. It will be 14 months on Oct. 3. So hopefully we are past the halfway mark of waiting. It sometimes seems unreal that we have actually been waiting this long. We continue to ask for your prayers as we continue on this long journey.

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