Friday, January 18, 2008

Enjoying my time

Well, I'm enjoying my time at home. It's nice to be able to get things done throughout the week and not having to leave everything till the weekend. I do have a "job". I am watching our neighbor's baby. Our neighbor is a teacher and she just started back to work this week after her maternity leave. So this was my first week with her little one. It's been enjoyable taking care of such a little one. Marisa won't be that little when we bring her home, but it does give me the chance to get used to having a little one around.

I'm not really missing teaching. The only thing I miss are my students. Some of them I'd been with since Kindergarten or First grade so it was hard to leave them behind. But it is also a good lesson in adapting to change and being flexible. Life is always bringing changes and we all need to learn to adapt and run with the changes and make the best out of them. I do enjoy being home and not feeling the stress that I felt with teaching.


Anonymous said...

Ron and Mary, You are in our prayers and we pray that you would be blessed with a little one before the end of this year. We care about you and love you, Dad and Mom

Kristi said...

How wonderful that you will get to "experience" the young infancy stage through keeping your friend's baby and hopefully before long will have your daughter with you!