Saturday, December 27, 2008

the day after Christmas.....

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful time with family and friends. We've enjoyed our time with family. My family got together last Saturday. And we were with Ron's family on Christmas day. This year Ron and I had Christmas Eve to ourselves. It was a little strange not to get together with my family that evening since that has been our tradition for many years but with one sister living out of town it doesn't always work out best to get together on Christmas Eve now. So Ron and I ordered a pizza and had our own little movie marathon. We had fun watching the movies: The Christmas Story; Miracle on 34th Street; National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation; and the Family Stone. We had planned to go to a friend's party and then to the 11 pm service at church but the weather was not all that great so we just stayed home.
The winter so far has been rather strange at times. We have had an ice storm. We've been having freezing rain, sleet, and rain. Yesterday, Christmas Day, was a beautiful day. The roads were not all so great and probably won't be for a while. Most of the main roads have been cleared off but the county roads and side streets are covered in ice yet. And now the temps are rising with it supposed to get up to 58 degrees tomorrow and some more rain. So with melting snow and falling rain we are likely to have flooding in certain areas. Today since it was so icy, our county was under a state of emergency urging people to stay off the roads unless it was absolutely necessary to go out. So we spent the day inside.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

waiting 28 months....

Here it is December again. Each year I keep thinking this will be the year we have our little girl with us at Christmas, but it's not to be yet. 28 months so far and still waiting. Referrals came in this month but the cut off date for referrals was Feb. 23, 2006 and so the next group from our agency didn't receive any referrals since their date is Feb. 28, 2006. So we did not move up this month. We still have 24 groups of people waiting ahead of us.
Today is quite a windy and dreary day. All the snow that we had has melted. It was raining some today so it's damp and cold. Not a nice combination. Doesn't quite seem like winter except for the cold weather. I am hoping for a white Christmas even though I don't care for a lot of snow. If I can stay in all the time I don't mind snow at all!
Today at church during the 10 am service the kids put on a Christmas program. They did a nice job. It didn't seem like any of them were nervous and that they really enjoyed doing it.
Ron and I have been with a group that started our service at church. There was a group of us that were meeting together and we were introduced to another group from this church that were basically looking for the same things in a church. So we are now working together and have been for about a year. We have the early service at church -- 8:30 am. Yes, it's rather early and hard to get up that early on a Sunday morning but it has definitely been worth it. Our service is a contemporary worship service with contemporary praise singing. We focus on relevant messages to reach people who don't go to church or haven't been in a church for a while or are looking for something different. It has been a great experience to be involved the way we have been and to get to know some great people. We are really enjoying it. Not to say there are difficult times to work through but that's all the process of developing this service and finding what God wants us to do.
This church is a small church. We hope to help bring more people in and help them find joy in living a life for Christ.