Saturday, December 27, 2008

the day after Christmas.....

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful time with family and friends. We've enjoyed our time with family. My family got together last Saturday. And we were with Ron's family on Christmas day. This year Ron and I had Christmas Eve to ourselves. It was a little strange not to get together with my family that evening since that has been our tradition for many years but with one sister living out of town it doesn't always work out best to get together on Christmas Eve now. So Ron and I ordered a pizza and had our own little movie marathon. We had fun watching the movies: The Christmas Story; Miracle on 34th Street; National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation; and the Family Stone. We had planned to go to a friend's party and then to the 11 pm service at church but the weather was not all that great so we just stayed home.
The winter so far has been rather strange at times. We have had an ice storm. We've been having freezing rain, sleet, and rain. Yesterday, Christmas Day, was a beautiful day. The roads were not all so great and probably won't be for a while. Most of the main roads have been cleared off but the county roads and side streets are covered in ice yet. And now the temps are rising with it supposed to get up to 58 degrees tomorrow and some more rain. So with melting snow and falling rain we are likely to have flooding in certain areas. Today since it was so icy, our county was under a state of emergency urging people to stay off the roads unless it was absolutely necessary to go out. So we spent the day inside.


peaceful touch said...

This winter has really been strange. I came home sick Tuesday before Christmas sick,(headcold) so Christmas eve I was down and resting so I could enjoy Christmas Day. Carmen worked Christmas eve so Jerry and Tenley went to Christmas Eve service. We had Christmas Day at home just the four of us.


Meredith Teagarden said...

I see you are waiting for your referral. Hang in there! The wait will one day melt away and your dream will be in your arms!