Wednesday, February 4, 2009

ups and downs...

Not too long ago I read the book The Shack. It is a total work of fiction but it really makes you think about God, the Trinity in a whole new way. The book has had such an affect on me I can't even explain. I would highly recommend this book.

We just saw the movie Fireproof the other weekend. That is an incredible movie and definitely something any married couple should see. What a powerful movie! Marriage is not a committment you enter into lightly. Rent or buy the movie.

I am so glad to see the days getting longer. Having it get dark so early is not something I enjoy. I love to see the sun shine like it has these past few days. It is so bright shining off the snow. It really helps brighten my mood since I do not like winter very much.

Well, we've been waiting for 2 1/2 years now on our adoption with no speed up in sight as of yet. The waiting really does take it's toll. Today I was at a low point and was thinking do we continue with this adoption? Is it really going to happen? But when? Ron and I aren't getting any younger!! But then I look at other adoption blogs where people have their daughter from China and I think that could be our little girl and my heart longs for her. So then I feel like it is right to continue this adoption no matter how long the wait is. I believe strongly that it is God that has put this desire in our hearts and if we just continue to trust his timing it will happen.

In the meantime our lives have not been put on hold. We continue to get involved and stay involved in things. It does seem we are busy most of the time. I am so thankful for that because it does make time pass by more quickly.

A couple of weekends ago, Ron and I made a trip up to Charlevoix, Michigan where my best friend from college (Brenda) lives. She had called earlier in the week to let me know her mom had passed away. Brenda's mom, June, was like another mom to me. She was such a neat lady and I have so many special memories of her. I first met June during my college years when I'd go home with Brenda for a weekend. Her mom would sit with us at the dining room table and talk to us about what was going on in college, etc. Then after college Brenda and I continued to stay in touch and would make trips back and forth to visit each other. When I visited Brenda, we always spent some time with her mom. Brenda was very close to her mom and I'm sure there is a big empty space in her life now. June told me she thought of me as another daughter. She had a wonderful full life of 86 years. Now she is home with our Heavenly Father enjoying her life in a new body. We'll see her again someday.

As time passes, it makes me sad when we lose someone here on earth that I am close to. I always think "that's one person that Marisa (our daughter) will not get to meet". But that is part of life and there will be many other wonderful people that will be a part of her life and I just need to keep remembering that. Plus she will meet all of these wonderful people someday in heaven anyway so I shouldn't be sad about it. Right?

When you think of us, please pray for us. We have our good days and bad days as we continue this long wait to bring our little girl home. We want to keep the desires of our heart in line with what God wants and not to get impatient with the wait, but to continue trusting in God's faithfulness. Also, pray for Marisa. Her saftey, health, and well-being. That she has wonderful caretakers. Pray also for her mother as she leaves her (for us to adopt) and I'm sure it is one of the hardest things she'll ever have to do and it breaks my heart that her mother will have to do this so that we can have a child. Pray for a sense of peace and comfort for her mother, that she will know that her child is loved and being well taken care of. Thanks for the support so many of you have shown during this long wait.