Thursday, July 2, 2009

here we go again...

After much prayer and discussion we have decided to go ahead with a second adoption/concurrant adoption. We are still pursuing our China adoption for Marisa, but have decided that we would like a sibling for her. Our adoption agency, Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA), has started a new division called Children of All Nations (CAN). CAN is doing adoptions from Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Mexico at this time and will be adding more countries in the future. We have decided to go with Ethiopia. We turned in our application on June 22 and it was approved. The next step was filling out a paper on our preference of gender and age for a child, along with a contract. We completed both and sent them in on June 29. So now we begin the process of compiling our dossier, which is the pile of paperwork that has to be gathered and notarized and authenticated. All of that is then sent to Ethiopia to be translated and then they use this information to match us with a child. We submitted our preference for a boy this time. We haven't agreed on a possible name yet. So now we'll be busy with getting the paperwork together and all the other things we need to do - getting fingerprinted, doctor visits, background checks, a new home study, etc. I'll be glad when that's done and hopefully none of that will have to be renewed for Ethiopia because hopefully the wait won't be as long as what we've waited for our China adoption.

As we start that adoption we have had to resubmit paperwork for our China adoption. We have to be electronically fingerprinted again in Michigan City on July 14. This will be the third time we've had to do this and the third place we've gone. Each time we've gotten a little closer to home. Once the fingerprints and other paperwork has been processed, we will receive a new I-171H form that states we have permission to adopt an orphan and this will be good for 18 months. I hope this will be the last time that we'll have to do this, and that we'll have Marisa home with us within 18 months.

Our summer is busy. I just got back from visiting a college friend in Northern Michigan. We had a wonderful time chatting, shopping, eating out, and doing nothing. We always have so much fun together. This summer I have been tutoring a former student of mine 2 days a week. I have picked up a second client for respite care and community habilitation. So between tutoring, providing respite care or community habilitation, and trying to keep up with my garden and other things, I am staying very busy! Ron's work has picked up this summer. All the guys that had been laid off were called back. That's such great news for all of those guys! So there is a lot of work right now that will need to be done before the end of summer, but they are not sure what the fall will bring. We'll be praying for continued orders to come in so that there will be work for everyone.

Ron's nephew got engaged last month. He lives in New Orleans and met a girl from down there. They've been dating for awhile. They plan to get married next year in June. They have an engagement party coming up that Ron and I hope we'll be able to attend.

So many exciting things happening! So life continues...