Saturday, February 6, 2010

moving ahead...

Well, I'm finally working on the paperwork for the Ethiopian adoption (we made the decision this past summer that we would do this). It seems like such a daunting task, but really the social worker who is doing our home study and our agency (CAN-Children of All Nations) help us out alot. There is so much paperwork to gather and it's important to make sure it's done correctly or it needs to be done over. Our agency has a guide that outlines everything and gives specifics on what's needed for each piece of paperwork for our dossier. Every country is different in what they require for an international adoption. There are some things that are similar to China. I don't know how many times we've had background criminal checks done and been fingerprinted in the last 4 years but we have to get a current one done with each adoption or in the case of China with each renewal of our paperwork to keep it current. The nice thing about the Ethiopian adoption is that we gather all of the paperwork and have it notarized but then the agency will take care of having it certified and then authenticated. Having it certified means sending it to our Secretary of State who has to check all the notarizations and basically say they're okay and they attach a letter to each document saying it is okay. For our China adoption we had one document that was sent back to us because the notary's printed name wasn't legible - so that's how picky it gets! Then it is sent to be authenticated which I forget exactly what they look for but they also attach a letter to every document we submitted and for the China adoption the letter was written in Chinese. So with the agency taking care of that end of it this time it takes a little stress off of us but of course we pay them for doing it.

For those of you that have asked, yes we are still pursuing our China adoption. We've been waiting for 42 months (3 years 6 months) and yes it seems like forever. And we haven't been matched with a child yet so it's not like our daughter is getting older while she's waiting for us. They don't make a match until our paperwork is next in the process. We still have 14 groups of people ahead of us from our adoption agency (GWCA-Great Wall China Adoptions) waiting for a referral(to be matched). Our agency started another division for adoptions in their agency called CAN - Children of All Nations. CAN does adoptions from other countries since GWCA only does China adoptions. When we started our adoption with CAN it was doing adoptions with Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Mexico and have since added the Phillipines and Haiti, I think. So Ethiopia seemed the best match for us. So we had our first home visit by the social worker on Thursday evening who will be doing our home study for this adoption. I think everything went well. It's always just kind of nerve wracking meeting someone who has to "inspect" your home and decides if you're able to adopt. Nothing in our lives is private anymore. It's all out there for our agency and the Chinese and Ethiopian governments to see as well as several others along the way. It's very intimidating but in the end will be very well worth it.

Yes, we can have two adoptions in process at the same time. We thought we might as well go for it so that our child would have a sibling. The process through Ethiopia should go much more quickly than China. Even though it would be kind of nice if we'd have both of our children home before the end of this year, but not sure that it will happen. For those that haven't read previous posts on this blog we plan to adopt a girl from China and name her Marisa and a boy from Ethiopia and name him Samuel. We are excited but it takes a lot of prayers and patient to make all of this happen. So we really would like your prayers as we continue this process that the Ethiopian adoption will go smoothly and we can work quickly to get all of the needed paperwork together, and that the China adoption will speed up so we can bring our long awaited daughter home soon.