Sunday, April 11, 2010

things are moving quickly!

After posting in my last update that we could be waiting 30 or more days to receive the LSC (letter seeking confirmation) from China, it arrived 6 days after our PA!!!!  Wow!  is all I can say!  When our agency called me to let me know I was in such a state of shock and was crying happy tears!  But then I realized that we don't have our homestudy updated yet and don't have approval from immigration yet, so that could slow things down a little.  Because after our agency receives our signed LSC they send it to China and then China starts working on our travel plans but they need the form from immigration that gives the approval for it.  The agency that is doing our homestudy has all of our paperwork already.  We made sure we got things done quickly so that we could get it back to them quickly so they could start working on the background checks and things.  So things are being worked on but the next things may not happen as quickly as they have been.  God is really making things happen.  I know He's responsible for all of this.  It gives me shivers and makes me cry knowing all of this and what a wonderful God we serve.  Though the wait has been long, I believe God has been preparing us for YiChen and I don't think we really would've been ready for her before this.  Isn't it amazing and wonderful how God works?  I am in complete awe!  He deserves all the glory for making this happen.  The adoption is in His hands and we just trust Him with whatever happens next.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers and continued prayers as we work on completing this journey to Marisa.
As for our Ethiopian adoption we are waiting for our homestudy to be completed.  Our social worker just received that last piece of information she needed so the homestudy should be done rather quickly since it was pretty much already done but just needed this one piece of information added yet.  So once we have a copy of the homestudy we can be sending it along with the rest of the paperwork we've collected to our adoption agency where they will take care of getting it certified and authenticated.  And then it will be sent to Ethiopia.  So also pray for the homestudy to be completed in the next day or so and that this adoption journey can get moving.
Still can't get a picture uploaded and we really don't have many to choose from, but I did email some of you a picture.  So if you didn't receive the email with a picture and would like to see a picture, let me know.