Friday, May 28, 2010

still waiting...

Okay, so we did hear from our agency later in the day yesterday (Thursday) and they are still trying to work out the appointments so that we can try to leave June 17.  I didn't realize they were still trying to work on that.  I guess there are about 3 other families that are in the same situation we are in and so the agency is really trying to get things worked out for us to travel as soon as possible.

Today it's been so quiet and we've heard nothing from our agency.  So that means they haven't heard anything.  The hard part is now this is a holiday weekend and their office is closed on Monday so that means we have to wait until Tuesday to see if there is any news.  The other hard part of the waiting is that China is 13 hours ahead of us, so while we're working they're sleeping and then while they're working, we're sleeping.  So when requests are made of China that's why it seems like the answers take a while to come.

So we'll just try to stay as busy as possible this weekend.  We have plenty to do so hopefully we can get a lot done.  So maybe staying busy will help keep our minds off of China.  Yeah, like that's gonna happen!!  When aren't I thinking about China and our little girl?!  Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!

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peaceful touch said...

Mary ,
we are so excited for you! Tenley asks me quite a bit if i had checked on Mary about her little girl! She will be so excited when I tell her the latest!
Keeping you in our prayers!