Thursday, May 27, 2010

We have TA!!!

We now have TA which is Travel Approval.  We received this on Monday of this week.  On Tuesday we received tentative travel plans.  Tentatively we were to leave on June 17 with our Consulate Appointment on June 29.  Well, turns out the 29th isn't available and since Marisa is 2 years old she has to have a TB test done and so then she needs to be seen 72 hours after that.  So what that means is her medical exam needs to happen 3 days before the consulate appointment.  They could possibly change our consulate appointment if her medical exam can be changed from Saturday to Friday, but that may not be able to happen.  So we found this out yesterday (Wednesday) and our agency said that our new tentative date for travel is June 24.  I know everything is tentative until the consulate appointment can be confirmed but it's hard when dates change to later.

I really feel like this last stretch has been the most difficult.  When you know who your child is.  You have a picture and information but you can't get to her.  It's like a bad dream where you want or need to get somewhere and you can never quite seem to get there - it's always just a little beyond your reach.  I know we'll get to China.  I would just rather it be sooner than later.  We've rolled with the ups and downs of this process for so long, you just want something to be in your favor for once.  Life is always unpredictable and I know we like things to be more predictable and we want to be in control of how and when things happen.   But as we've learned that just isn't always possible. 

So maybe we'll find out more today or tomorrow about when we actually do travel to China.  Our agency has been really good about keeping us posted about things and I appreciate that.  I feel like we know what's going on.  I know they are working hard for us and things aren't always in their control either.  

So we continue to wait...


Elizabeth said...

How exciting!! Sorry you are still waiting to hear for sure when you will travel but at least getting your approval makes you another step closer to heading to China!! Before you know it, you will have your little girl in your arms forever. :)

Kristi said...

You are so close! Hang in there, and know that I'll be praying for you during this last little stretch of the wait. The great part is that while you will just miss having Marisa in time for Father's Day, this is the last one without a child in your home!
I'm working on an email with some of my most recent "travel tips" thoughts!