Sunday, June 27, 2010

another day comes to an end

So another day comes to an end.  It is hard to believe still, that this sweet little girl is our daughter and she will be coming home with us.  I suppose once we are home it will be very real.  This is what we have prayed about and worked on for so long and it has finally happened.  I am excited for those of you waiting for us to meet Marisa YiChen.  She is such a sweet little girl.  And you think about a 2 1/2 year old having to go through what she has gone through (being with her birth mom, being in an orphanage, then living with a foster family, and then back to the orphanage and now with her forever family), I am just amazed at her resiliency.  Would we be able to handle that many changes in 2 1/2 years? 
It seems Marisa is really adjusting well to us.  I believe she is feeling like she can trust us.  Even though she seems to be daddy's girl, she has been coming to me more lately.  She picks up on the routines we've established here in China.  She knows when we come back to the hotel room we kick of our shoes, and she's ready to take them off.  She knows when we eat she puts on her bib.  She knows when I give her a bottle at night she goes to bed afterwards.  She went to the crib tonight after I gave her her bottle.  It just amazes me how quickly she picks up on things. 
I brought a small bottle of bubbles along and got it out this afternoon.  I was blowing bubbles and she loved it!  She had such a high shrill excited squeal it hurt our ears.  And she didn't just squeal once!  It is fun to give her those new experiences.  To be a part of those fun new experiences she's having is such a joy because it is so fun for her.  She just seems to fully enjoy life and it's so fun to watch.  She's so curious and just wants to experience it all it seems.
We have felt so blessed that she will go into her crib and not fuss.  She will go to sleep on her own and sleep through the night except for waking up early and not going back to sleep the past couple of mornings.  I hope that doesn't continue.  I suppose it's fine if she can get her nap in the afternoon but if we have to be out and about it's hard if not impossible for her to get a nap unless she just falls asleep like she has a couple of times.  I know there could still be some grieving that she may experience.  We just haven't had any serious meltdowns or crying spells where she couldn't be soothed except for the first day when we met her.  I know God is with us and has really helped with this transition.  I know He'll continue to help with any grieving that Marisa may go through and will help us to know how to help her go through that.  I just wonder if she will experience any of that once we leave China and we are in a totally different country and she won't see Chinese people every day but instead American.  I just hope it won't be a difficult adjustment for her.
It's a little after 9 pm here on Sunday night and I am so tired and ready to go to bed.  For those that know me, you know that doesn't sound like me.  I haven't been much of a night owl since we've been in China.  Whether it's the emotional drain, or taking care of a toddler all day, I don't know.  I just know we've been going to bed much earlier than we did at home.  And I'm actually able to sleep pretty well on the hard bed. :)  I guess when you're tired enough you can sleep on whatever.
A funny thing here in China is that McDonald's and KFC deliver!  We were walking back to the hotel and a Papa John's delivery guy went buzzing past us to the hotel, but get this he wasn't in a car - he was on a bike!  We had seen a McDonald's delivery guy on a bike earlier when we left the hotel.  I just get a kick out of seeing that.  Who would think that McDonald's or KFC would deliver?  Do you think that would ever work in the states?
I can't wait for those of you back home to meet Marisa.  The orphanage described her as an extrovert and I'd definitely have to agree.  I'm sure you will all get to see that in time if not right away. 
Well, it's time for bed.  I'll post more tomorrow and sorry for no pictures tonight, but will try tomorrow since I should have plenty of time.

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Amanda said...

Hello Huber Family! I have been keeping up with you on your blog since you've been in China. I'm amazed by all the progress she seems to be making already. She is such a cutie! I can't wait to meet your precious daughter! Praying for you three! Love you!

Anonymous said...

The girls and I are viewing your adventure with Marisa. She is BEAUTIFUL. I am amazed with your journey and continue to pray as you prepare to bring Marisa home. You are a blessed family. Love from the Shays

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything is goin well for the 3 of you. I can't wait to meet my new cousin. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. Prayin for all of you and love you!

Your Nephew Andrew