Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another day in Guangzhou

Today we didn't have a lot to do.  We got up and got down to breakfast earlier than we did yesterday.  We got done to breakfast before 9 am this morning.  The other families that we started with in Beijing have now all arrived here in Guangzhou and are here at the White Swan.  It's fun to see everyone with their children now and hear about our experiences in our children's provinces.  We felt very lucky having Veronica as our guide in Hangzhou because she was there for us all the time.  It sounded like some of the other families we talked to didn't have that experience with their guide.  We appreciated all Veronica's help and how organized she was.  We are happy to have her continue to be our guide for our group while we're here in Guangzhou.  She really looks out for her families and makes sure they're taken care of and has been very helpful when we've had questions.
Today we did have to go back to the Medical Clinic to have Marisa's TB test checked.  It was fine.  We were so glad that we were able to have her medical exam done the other day instead of today because the clinic was full today and I'm sure it might have taken longer than it did a couple of days ago.
Then later this afternoon the women from the families went to Veronica's room to fill out paperwork.  So all the paperwork we brought with us that needed to be done we did this afternoon.  It took a couple of hours.  There has been so much paperwork and just seems never ending.  I'm not sure what needs to be done after we get home but I know I have some things in a file that is labeled post adoption that I will need to take a look at once we get home.  We received Marisa's passport today and tomorrow Veronica will turn in our paperwork to obtain a visa for Marisa.  I found out today that when we fly home once we get to Detroit, we'll have to go through immigration there because of Marisa and there will be paperwork to give to those officials. So hopefully that will go smoothly.  We do have several hours till we have to make our connecting flight to South Bend from there.
Tonight we went back down to Lucy's to eat dinner.  We went with another couple from our group and their little boy.  Marisa did pretty well for being as tired as she was.  That's something to get used to after being just a couple for so long, we now have our schedule dictated by a little one and her needs.
Tomorrow the plan is for our group to go do some sightseeing and a little bit of shopping plus eating lunch.  We should get back early afternoon.  It has been raining here every day.  So we're getting a lot of use out of our umbrellas.  There's a lot of construction going on around the island here so it makes it a little muddy and dirty.
The one picture I've attached you can see is a view from our hotel room.  In each of the cities we've stayed in here have been very large cities.  I think if I remember correctly Beijing has like 10 million people and Hangzhou has 6 million.  These are huge cities.  I'm not sure about here in Guangzhou but it is another large city.  The other picture I've posted is a picture of us officially a family after the adoption was registered on June 22.  So June 22, 2010 is Marisa's official adoption date.

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Becky said...

Hi...I found the name of your blog in the member section of the CAN yahoo group for Ethiopia...I am just getting ready to travel to ET for the first time, but I also have a daughter from China...congratulations!! I also had Veronica as my guide, she's amazing, eh? I'm sure your daughter is all settled in by now, and hopefully you'll have your ET child soon, too! Congrats again! Becky