Tuesday, June 29, 2010

finishing another day

I had posted earlier today, but since everyone else is in bed now I thought I'd post a few thoughts from the day.  It's interesting how early I feel like going to bed since I've been here.  Ron and I are both usually tired by the time we put Marisa down at about 8 pm and then we're ready to go to sleep soon after.  I guess when we're at home there's always more to do but here there's nothing so I just go to bed.
We went to the American Consulate this afternoon to take an oath on behalf of our adopted children that the information that was given to immigration was accurate and true to the best of our knowledge.  There was a room full of parents with the children they had adopted.  It didn't take very long but long enough when you have small children.
Marisa had been able to take a nap so I suppose that helped some.  After we got back to the hotel we made dinner plans.  Ron and I decided to go with a Papa John's pizza but since Marisa can't have that we had to get some rice and broccoli for her.  It's pretty sad to see your child get excited when her daddy walks into the room with a bag and she knows it's dinner!  Soon we'll be home and that will change. 
Marisa is such a little character.  She can find small things to amuse herself with.  She discovered the signs you hang on the door knob outside your door -- Do Not Disturb and Please Make Up Room.  So she was playing with those and I was showing her how she could hang it over the door knob.  She loves to tear paper and she can do that for a long time.  She will tear it into such tiny little pieces and then she wants to put them in our hand.  She was pushing her stroller around the little that she could here in the hotel room.  I put her stuffed animals in it so she could push those around.  She put a bag on top of them, I don't know if it was supposed to be like a blanket or what.  Then I was writing out our email address on small paper so we could give them to the others in our group, and she comes to me with a card I had given her and she would point to different places on the card and want me to write on it.  Later this evening she got my shoes and put them on and was trying to walk around in them.  When she takes her shoes off, she will put them by our shoes.  It's just so fun to watch her play because she can come up with things on her own so easily.  And she is just so curious about stuff that that makes it fun to watch her as well.
Tonight we had a hard time getting her to sleep.  Last night we had some trouble but tonight was the worst it's been since she's been with us.  She just cried and cried and tries to find an excuse for us to get her out of bed, like she'll say she has to go to the potty when she just went.  It's really hard to hear her cry so hard and not know what to do for her.  I did hold her for a while and her crying subsided some but when I put her back in her crib it started again.  I think she didn't want to go to sleep.  I don't know what she's thinking and if this is part of her grieving?  I just hope she can get past it soon because it is so hard to see her cry like that and not be able to comfort her.  She did finally fall asleep but she probably spent over a half hour crying.
Well, tomorrow is our last full day here.  We may go to some of the other little shops nearby.  Maybe it will be a nice day again tomorrow.  I will also need to spend some time packing so that we can be ready bright and early on Thursday morning to head to the train station. 
Good night but I guess for those of you back home it's Good Morning! 

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