Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's finally happening...

We had a great 5 days in New Orleans for Ron's nephew's wedding.  It was hot and humid down there and actually people were saying it was much hotter while we were there than is normal for June.  Go figure!  The wedding was very nice.  Ron and I didn't do as much sightseeing on this trip since we've been there twice before and did a lot of sightseeing then. We did find a couple out of the way places to eat with very good food.  So that was fun.  Since we stayed in the French Quarter and the rehearsal dinner and wedding & reception were all in the French Quarter, we walked most places.  It sure was hot walking to the church in our dress clothes!! 

So here we are, only a couple of days until we leave for China.  Now here at the last minute there are things I wish we would've done, etc.  We waited for so long you would think we would have gotten everything done we wanted to have done before we travel to China but that is not the case.  I think "waiting" became the norm like we were going to be waiting forever or something.  I now realize that once you get the referral you are so occupied with getting paperwork done or collected, and making other last minute preparations that you don't have time for the other stuff.  I guess whatever doesn't get done will be waiting for us when we return home!

I'm feeling so many mixed emotions about our trip and meeting our daughter.  It still seems so unreal.  I'm not sure why it seems unreal when Marisa's room is full of stuff to pack for the trip.  I've got most things packed and just need to work on getting clothes packed.  It's so hard for me to pack light.  I want to be prepared for any possible situation and in order to do that I think I have to take absolutely everything with us!  But that's not the best idea since we have to carry all that around.  Hopefully I can pack light enough and not go over the weight limit for checked in luggage for travel within China.  I've also got some last minute things to get around.  And then I have the last minute hair cut appointment and dentist appointment to have a permanent crown put in - of all things! 

Well, it's back to getting things ready.  If I have some time tomorrow I'll post but if not this may be the last you hear from us until we reach China!!

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