Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last night in Hangzhou

Well, I'm not going to take the time tonight to upload any pictures since it takes so long.  Hopefully when we get to Guangzhou I'll have better luck with a faster connection but who knows.  I may have a little more time though.
We had a very full but nice day today.  Our guide picked us up this morning around 9 am and took us to West Lake which is a very pretty lake here in Hangzhou.  I think I may have posted that we were able to see it from our hotel yesterday since it was less hazy.  It is a very pretty lake and it's very nice all around it.  We walked around part of it.  And then went to another park that is also on West Lake.  We saw a couple of peacocks there and the one actually spread it's tail.  Marisa was fascinated with the pigeons.  There were a lot of pigeons there with the peacock wanting to be fed.  Marisa liked chasing the pigeons. It was a lot for Marisa and she ended up falling a sleep while I was holding her.  It's hard to keep her to any type of schedule since we are doing things for the adoption at various times in the day. 
Later this afternoon our guide took us to a silk shop.  I don't remember the name.  I guess Hangzhou is known for its silk.  We saw how they took the silk out of the cocoon and stretch it. It's all very interesting.  And then the whole store had all kinds of items -- clothes comforters, etc. made of silk.  We did get a silk comforter for Marisa.  Something that she can use plus something she will have from her home town and can pass on to her children. 
Today was a good day.  We feel all of your prayers and support.  Marisa seems to be more attached to us.  Of course there are still times that she doesn't want us to pick her up or she pushes our hand away if we try to touch her but that is becoming less and less.  She seems very happy to be with us and we've seen her laugh a lot.  She's doing much better with us having to take something from her and she seems to know that it's still going to be here for her later.  Last night we gave her a bath and it was so much fun!  She loved it!  She didn't want to get out of the tub!!  She has such a sweet personality and seems to like to be the center of attention.  Today while we were at the park we had some people ask our guide why we had a Chinese child and she explained it to them.  They seemed happy for us and said what a pretty girl she was.  We of course think she's a little doll.  She is so fun to watch as she plays by herself here in the hotel.  She can amuse herself very easily and it's fun to watch.  It doesn't seem like she needs a lot of toys to amuse herself with.  She is learning what no means even if she doesn't like it.  I can see that she is a typical two year old in wanting to do for herself and not really wanting our help.  But then with other things she does look at us and ask for our approval before doing something or getting something.  When I say ask, it's not that we can understand what she's saying but you can figure out what she means.  Even though we speak two different languages I think we are understanding each other more and more each day.  She seems to be very curious about things and gets excited about little things.  She is a very sweet little girl.
Well, she was pretty tired tonight and went down pretty easily.  Thank goodness she is a heavy sleeper because we still needed to pack and it was hard to be really quiet while packing.  She slept through all of that.  This morning she was up early for some reason but did just lay in her crib quietly but we ended up not being able to get any more sleep, so we're pretty tired again tonight.  Tomorrow we leave the hotel at 6 am for the airport to fly to Guangzhou to take care of the rest of our paperwork and get a visa for Marisa.  We are flying a day early so that she can have a TB test done tomorrow.  We'll have a little bit of down time of a day or so while we wait for the other families in our group to arrive in Guangzhou.  So I am hoping to be able to upload some pictures then.
Just a few more things.  The orphanage where Marisa stayed put together a booklet for us that included pictures of Marisa when she was younger.  It is so nice to have that and means alot that they would give us that.  Plus we also received a book from the director of the orphanage about Hangzhou and he wrote a special note to Marisa in the front of the book.  You can tell that they really loved and cared for Marisa well.  I'm so glad we have a few of these things for her so that she will be able to have them.
Well, I'd better get some rest.  It will be an interesting day to take a flight with a young child.  Hopefully the whole airport experience will go well as well as the flight.  It will be nice to be in one place for a week.  I'll post more once we're in Guangzhou and hopefully upload some more pictures.  Thanks again for the continued prayers.  We feel like we are doing well.

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Anonymous said...

Hello -- I was so happy to read that Marisa is adjusting well. I cannot wait to hear her voice and laugh. :-) I really enjoyed reading your latest post; my niece sounds incredibly adorable and what else would you expect? :-) God has blessed the two of you with a very precious gift!
Sending you our love and prayers --
Nancy, Mike, Jacob & Ryan

Kristi said...

We went to that same park! :) I bet Marisa was having a blast chasing the pigeons.
What a blessing that she is opening up to you more and more each day. Also great that she liked the bath ~ two of ours did and the third screeched during every bath for the first three months. Looking forward to seeing what Guangzhou brings your way. I'll be praying for your flight!