Saturday, June 26, 2010

More pictures of Marisa YiChen

Some more pictures of Marisa.  She has quite the personality as you can see in some of the pictures.  She's definitely her own person.  She likes to mimic us.  Marisa also likes to be the center of attention with us and likes to make us laugh at her.
While at the park in Hangzhou when we stopped to sit for a little bit, Veronica (our guide) put her sunglasses on Marisa and you can see Marisa is quite the little ham!  She loves to have her picture taken and then see herself in the picture.
The picture of her on the toilet is pretty typical.  It's like she's really concentrating or something.
She likes drinking from a straw especially since she has seen mommy and daddy do it.
Marisa very much likes to try new things especially if she sees us doing it.  She loves paper and tearing it.  She'll tear paper into little bits and then lay them on Ron or my arm or she puts them in our hand.  Anytime I get something out to read, she wants to be right there and pretend that she's reading too.  She also likes for us to write on a piece of paper that she has.

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Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of Marisa with peeking out of the sunglasses- so cute! That's nice they have a play room for kids at the hotel- that would be a lifesaver for traveling with small children. It's so cute to see her smile in the bath and looking so happy. Cute how she mimics what you guys do! Sounds like she is adjusting well and enjoying the time with her mama and baba :)

Denny and Karen Mast said...

What a cutie!! I love the pictures! The sunglasses picture is so cute. I am so happy that she seems to be adjusting to the changes. Everytime I read the words mommy and daddy, I cry. You have waited so long for this. We can't wait until you come home. Have a good week with your daughter! Love you guys!