Wednesday, June 30, 2010

next stop Hong Kong, then home!

We're packed and almost ready for bed.  Got to have our bags packed and ready to go by 6 am and also ready to go to breakfast by then.  Then we'll check out and be ready to head out by 7 am.  I guess it takes about an hour to get to the train station.  I think our train leaves for Hong Kong at 9 am.  There will be at least one other family traveling with us if not two.  The train ride will be a couple of hours.  Not sure what we'll do in Hong Kong.  We may venture out or just relax in our room -- I guess we'll see when tomorrow comes.  I think we fly out of Hong Kong on Friday at around 9 am. 
The families that we are with have also expressed they are ready to go home.  Praying for a safe trip home for us all.  We came here as couples or smaller families and are leaving with new additions and changes to our lives and our little ones' lives forever.  We've made some new friendships, people we would've never met had we not come to China.  All of this has been an experience we will never forget -- the journey to our daughter Marisa, a dream finally come true. Who knows what else God has in store for us. 
Thanks to all our families and friends for all the support and prayers.  See you soon!  We love you all!   

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Anonymous said...

Ron and Mary~Just read through your last few postings to get caught up with all your fun and excitement!! What a wonderful time for you! We can't wait to meet Marisa. GOD IS GOOD!! Love to you all :) Praying for your safe trip home.
The Heckaman Family

peaceful touch said...

Sending prayers for a safe flight home and that Marisa will do fine on the flight.
Can't wait to see you guys.

The Yoders

mathdivayork said...

Hey Guys!
I am so happy for you. YOu are so blessed and I am proud to be your friend. God luck getting home. Yes I said God luck, cause there is not luck, just God. Hope to see you sometime. Marisa is beautiful. Can't wait to see her.