Friday, June 25, 2010

Relaxing day

We arrived in Guangzhou yesterday around 10:30 am.  We had to be up so early and poor Marisa sure didn't like to be woken up.  We couldn't believe how busy the airport was at 7 in the morning.  Lines were long and finally we got through them and to our gate.  At our gate they were boarding the flight right before our's they had a last boarding call for like half an hour.  I'm not sure that they do that in the states but I don't know for sure.  It was just interesting that people kept coming.  Finally it was our turn.  We had to get on a shuttle and that took us to our plane.  The plane ride was fairly uneventful.  Can't believe how much we've flown the past week!
After we got checked into our hotel, the White Swan, and unpacked.  Our guide, Kelly, took us and another family that is here early to the medical clinic so the girls could have their medical exams and the TB test given.  Since Marisa and Addison (the other family's daughter) are over 2 years old they need to have a TB test done before leaving the country.  So we got that done.  The other families will have that done on Saturday and we'll have to go back to have the TB test read.  We also had Marisa's visa phot taken on the way to the medical clinic.  While there we saw an umbrella stroller.  We decided to get it because it's really hard to carry a 2 1/2 year old when it's hot.  We try to have her walk when we can but she gets tired.  She didn't like the stroller at first but has done okay with it.  We were on our own for the rest of the day since our guide left.  She was basically filling in for Veronica (who was our guide in Hangzhou and will also be the guide for our group while here).  She will get here after she picks up Marisa's passport.  Normally families wait to leave their child's province till they have the passport but we had to leave early for the TB test.  So Veronica stayed behind to wait for that and will bring it to us.  She will be here along with the other families later today, I think.  So we were on our own for dinner.  We walked down to a place called Lucy's.  They have Chinese and American foods.  We had cheeseburgers and fries, and Marisa had rice and vegetables.  She loves broccoli.  Too bad her parents don't.  I will need to learn how to cook that.  It's hard because she will usually try to eat food that we have off of our plates and we have to tell her no.  Once she gets old enough we can explain why she can't have our food and has to eat just her food.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a 7-Eleven for some water and coke.  Yes a 7-Eleven without the gas station.
I can't remember if I blogged that we can't drink the tap water or even use it to brush our teeth.  I also don't use it to wash Marisa's bottle and other dishes.  There is a hot pot in our room that boils water very quickly.  So then I use tap water and boil it and use that to do any dishes.  So we have to try to have enough water handy.  When you don't have it, you realize how we take water for granted.  I washed out some clothes by hand last night.  Not sure how smart that was.  It's taking a while to dry.  We had decided not to send it out to have it done in order to save a little money but maybe it would've been better to take it somewhere.  Hopefully it will dry by today or tomorrow.
Our hotel is very nice.  We slept in this morning.  The first time we've been able to.  Well, we sort of slept in.  Marisa was up a little early but did lay in her bed for a while.  She actually likes to do that in the morning.  We did finally get around and made it down to the breakfast buffet that is included in our hotel package.  A very nice and large buffet, with lots of variety.  Plus it had a lot of American and felt like we had more to choose from than in Hangzhou.  After we ate, we walked around the hotel a little.  They have a nice garden area outside and two pools outside.  They have a lot of shops and several restaurants in the hotel.  Then we came up to the room and a little later put Marisa down for a nap - which we haven't been able to do since we've had her due to our schedule.  She actually slept for 3 hours.  I finally turned on some lights to help wake her up before she slept too long.  She did wake up then.  It was nice for me to take a little nap too, and get some extra rest since I've got this bad cold or some type of sinus thing.  The pollution is bad here and there is a lot of smog.  So when I talk about it being hazy it's actually probably smog.  With that and people smoke about anywhere and everywhere here, so that bothers me.  I am feeling a little better thankfully.  I sure don't want to be sick right now.
Later we will probably go out and get something to eat and walk around.  I don't know if we'll try to shop at any of the shops or not.  We've got to get our bargaining skills ready.  Our guide told us we need to talk them down 50 to 60% of the price they're asking or we'll pay too much and I guess some of the things are cheaply made, so we just have to be careful.  I know our guide will be taking us to a government owned store where the prices are set and quality is better sometime later during our time here.
Marisa seems to be doing well.  We had been calling her Yi Chen the first few days but now we've started calling her Marisa YiChen to get her used to her name Marisa.  I think she seems to be picking up different things.  We've got her to say please, and I think she tries to say potty.  Plus she says a lot of other things that we can't understand.  But we do seem to communicate with each other pretty well because she seems to understand for the most part.  We are enjoying her so much and having fun getting to know her.  I love it when I take her to the potty and I'm holding her there so our faces are close and she really studies my face. It's so cute to watch her. 
I'll try to post a little more later tonight along with some pictures. 

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Denny and Karen Mast said...

I am writing this for Mom and Dad:
Dad thinks that Marisa looks like the both of you. They are so happy that things seem to be going well, and that Marisa seems to be warming up to the two of you. They are excited to meet their new granddaughter! They continue to pray for you all. Love you all!