Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sunny day in Guangzhou

Finally we have a sunny day here in Guangzhou.  It's been hard to get out and walk around when it's been rainy, and everything's wet and muddy.  When I say it's hard, just hard for us to want to go out with a little one and walk around because you're trying to maneuver the stroller and umbrellas.  So it's almost easier to stay in.  So the days are kind of long. 
Yesterday was a long day without much happening.  After breakfast we had come back to the room and played with Marisa until her nap time.  We really have not been able to keep her nap time until yesterday.  So she was not very happy about having to go down for a nap.  She slept for a couple of hours and then we went shopping for a little Chinese dress for her for the picture we were going to be taking on the red couch later in the afternoon.  Our guide had a photographer come and take pictures of our group's little adopted ones sitting on the "red couch".  Actually we found out there isn't a "red couch", but there are several red couches.  We also had a photo taken of the whole group.  Those taken by the photographer are a gift from our guide.  Those will be nice to have.  Marisa kept pulling up her dress.  I really like having her in a dress but she seems to just pull it up.  I guess I need to make sure all the dresses I have, have matching bloomers!  In the evening some of the families in our group went with the guide to a Chinese restaurant within walking distance from the hotel.  I ended up not eating that much.  Marisa really liked the green beans and she ate the whole little bowl of rice that they brought for her.  She eats rice but hasn't eaten that much at one time since we've had her with us.  There was a cat walking around the restaurant.  Doesn't that kind of make you a little sick?!  Because the cat didn't necessarily look that healthy.  I was trying to take Marisa to the bathroom but she saw the kitty and wanted to go up to it.  She went up to it and put her hand out to it, and the cat didn't run away.  It just sat there and closed its eyes.  Marisa did actually take hold of it's ear and I made her let go.  I didn't want her to hurt the cat and I also didn't want her to touch the cat because we know nothing about the cat.  The reason the cat could get in was because the restaurant was open in the front and they also have outdoor seating so if people go in and out that door or leave that door open accidentally, it could get in.  Needless to say, I tried to take Marisa to the bathroom but they only had the squatty potties and she doesn't like those and I can't seem to hold her over it correctly anyway without her peeing on her clothes for some reason.  You just never know what kind of toilet you'll find when you go to the restroom.  Sometimes they have both the squatty potty and the stool and other times there is only one or the other.  And you can't count on their being toilet paper available either, so we always carry some.
Well, since I didn't eat much for dinner.  We ended up calling our guide and she ordered some McDonald's for us.  They deliver to the hotel but the hotel won't allow them to bring it inside, so you have to wait outside for it.  I can't remember if I posted before that they deliver on bikes.  So we had some McDonald's.  It tastes pretty much the same as in the states.
Yesterday was kind of a trying day.  Marisa is now testing her boundaries with us.  We have had to be more firm with her in our expectations and of course that doesn't make for a happy little girl.  Going down for a nap and going to bed have now been a little more difficult.  When she's happy she's very happy and such a sweet little girl but she can be very stubborn and want things her way in her time.  After she has her meltdown and she can stop crying she does usually comply.  I'm sure if she was with a foster family in which the foster parents were older she was probably allowed to have her own way more.  And if the nannies at the orphanage really liked her like they told us, I'm sure they let her get away with more.  So that makes our job a little more difficult but I guess that's part of parenting.  She'll learn her boundaries soon enough. I think she knows that her mommy and daddy still love her even if she can't have her way all the time.  And she can get past her stubbornness and be her sweet self. 
Today after breakfast we got out for awhile since it was nice and sunny.  It was very hot and humid but it was nice that it wasn't raining.  We went into a couple of little shops here and picked up just a couple of things.  We might go out again later to look in some other shops.  We saw some school children out with their teacher doing some exercises. I think we'd heard that kids are in school till the beginning of July.  So I think they're almost done.  Then later this afternoon we go for an oath swearing ceremony with our adopted children.  Yesterday our guide, Veronica, took all of our paperwork to the American Consulate in the morning and we should be able to pick up our child's visa tomorrow afternoon.  Well, actually I think Veronica will pick them up and hand them out to us.
Then on Thursday morning we head out on a train to Hong Kong.  I guess the train station is a fair distance from the airport hotel that we'll be staying at.  I think we have to get our own taxi to get to the hotel.  Our guide will not be going with us to Hong Kong.  I think all of the families in our group are flying out of Hong Kong but going to Hong Kong at different times from here.  I think one family leaves tomorrow afternoon.  We and another family or two will be leaving Thursday morning and the last family will be leaving here for Hong Kong on Thursday evening.  We will fly out of Hong Kong on Friday morning.  I'm not sure when the other families fly out.  I will be so ready to be home and hope and pray that the flight home will go well.  When we get to the Detroit airport we'll have to go through immigration because of Marisa.  I didn't even think about that.  
So still a few things to do and then soon we'll be on our way home.  I'm ready to get into a regular routine and help Marisa adjust to it.
The picture is of Marisa in her little traditional Chinese dress.  The other picture is of Marisa trying to put on her sandals.  She likes to try to put them on herself.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Mary!
Marisa looks so cute in the red chinese dress! Two and a half is a fun age because you never know what they are going to do! haha Like putting a skort on their head! She looks and sounds like a fun little girl. I'm dealing with tons of tantrums as well here with the 3 year old and the 16 month old, its exhausting but like you said they are usually short lived and they get over it and are their normal happy selves.
I hope you have safe travels to Hong Kong and back to the US! I'm sure it will feel sooooo nice to finally be home and you can relax a little more and have a normal routine with Marisa. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Marisa looks so pretty in her little red dress. That will be a nice keepsake to have of her. Do you think she was scared of the bed falling apart on her when she didn't want to go to bed last night?
We had everyone over for a picnic last evening & Ben (Mike & Meg's youngest) is 2 & he wants to be very independent too. I showed everyone the picture I have of Marisa & they thought she was adorable. Lots of love, Brenda

Kristi said...

Ah the testing... Hang in there, it will pass. Just stick to your guns.
Marisa looks darling in her red dress!