Friday, June 18, 2010

We're in China!!!

Wow! What a day we have had!  It is now about 1:45 am on Saturday morning in China.  We just got checked into our hotel here in Beijing about 45 minutes ago.  Our flights all went smoothly -- well maybe some turbulence but as far as us making our connections and things everything went fine.  From South Bend we left a little past the original scheduled time but we still made it to Minneapolis on time.  The plane we were on from Minneapolis to Tokyo was a very large plane.  What a long ride!  Ron and I were stuck in seats in the middle between two other people.  But the two gentlemen were very friendly and talkative, so we learned a little about their lives.  How could we not talk to them when the flight was about 12 hours long!  And we were chasing the sun the whole way since we were traveling west.  It was the weirdest thing.  People closed shades on the plane and the lights were turned down so people could sleep.  We did sleep some but not very much.  There were movies we could watch.  We tried to get up and walk around some but that's not that easy on a plane with that many people since others had the same idea and the flight attendants were trying to get around as well.  And boy did we eat well.  We had two meals on the plane --one at the beginning of our flight and one near the end.  In the middle of the flight we had a sandwich and fruit.  It was easy to get around at the Tokyo airport.  So much was in English as well as Japanese.  The flight from Tokyo to Beijing was not quite 4 hours.  We arrived in Beijing about 10:30 pm China time Friday (10:30 am Friday back home time).  It took us a little while to get through stuff at the airport that you need to do before you can leave.  We got our luggage okay and found our guide from Great Wall with no problem. But then we had to wait on another family to get in to the airport yet, so we waited probably another hour and that's why we got to the airport so late.
Still can't quite believe this is real and that we are really on the other side of the world in China!  The hotel is very nice.  You have to put your key card in a slot to get electricity.  I guess that cuts down on waste doesn't it?!  The beds are hard but hopefully we can sleep well.  An early start to our day so that we can do some sightseeing here in Beijing for the day.  I'll post more tomorrow and try to post some pictures.  I'm not able to access blogger and so have to email it to our blog.  Maybe someone can leave us a comment and let me know if you could read this or send us an email.  We are able to access our email at least here in Beijing.
Good night and keep those prayers coming!  They are working!  Love you all! 

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Kristi said...

Hey Mary,
Just so you know, when you email to your blog, the pictures will all appear at the very top in the order you attach them. That may help when you are trying to describe what they are! Glad you guys got there safe and sound and I hope you are able to rest well tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary and Ron, Glad to hear that you got to China O.K. We got your e-mail . Keeping you in our prayers. Love, MOM

Elizabeth said...

Awesome that this works to email your posts to the blog! I've been checking to see if you made it! So glad things went smoothly. Enjoy your time sightseeing, I bet it is really neat over there! I can't believe its just a few more days until you get Marisa!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that everything has gone so smoothly! I've thought about you many times yesterday & today. Can you believe in just a few more days it will no longer be just you & Ron?! :) Much love, Brenda & Chris

peaceful touch said...


We just got home from Alaska and I saw that you and Ron are in China!
We are so excited for the two of you!
Continuing to pray for the three of you.

Please let us know when you and your family are ready for visitors. We would love to meet your new daughter!

Chris, Jerry and the girls!